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Metallo Collection

Inspired by the architecture, the ‘Metallo’ collection promotes self–possession through balance. The glass steadily floats above the rigid steel below, expressing an equilibrium between the nature of material. This work will stand out in any environment.

Designed by Jordan Pickford-Gray, Hand-Blown in the UK.

All glassware comes in a variety of colours. All metal comes in a variety of finishes.

Delivery times can vary, but we tend to allow a maximum of 6 weeks if made to order.

Small: £150

Glass: Circumference 110mm x Height 45mm

Metal: Length 120mm x Width 15mm x Height 55mm

Together: Length 150mm x Width 110mm x Height 90mm

Medium: Coming Soon…

Please note, sizes will vary and are only intended as a guide. When glassware is hand-made, the size of the glass will naturally vary as we do not use moulds.

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