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About JPG Creates

Jordan Pickford-Gray at New Designers 2015
Jordan Pickford-Gray at New Designers 2015

Jordan Pickford-Gray is the Founder and Creator of JPG Creates, a British artisan glassware and mixed media designer.

Combining various materials, such as glass, metal and wood, JPG Creates produces high end, hand-made homeware. With beautiful hand-blown products, this creative young designer displayed his work at New Designers in London 2015, and won a four-day masterclass with Simon Moore, one of Britain’s leading Glass Makers.

With stunning artefacts, such as hand-blown bowls, wooden crafted kitchen-ware and beautiful sculptural, his innovative and unusual items have become increasingly popular as more people discover JPG Creates.

Every customer that Jordan works with is invited to become a full part of the designing process, and integrate their personality into everything that they collaborate on. The collection shapes are set leaving each person to explore a no-boundaries approach to creating unique artwork.

Jordan Pickford-Gray Blowing Glass
Jordan Pickford-Gray Blowing Glass

Here is what Jordan had to say about his work:

“As a glass blower, I try to experiment with the fluidity of glass and its interactions with other materials. I aim to use contrasting materials and explore their qualities, bringing them together to develop my collections of work.

With both my ‘Bolla’ and ‘Metallo’ collections, I was inspired by the architecture and construction around Leicester [Jordan’s Hometown]. The renovation of the art department at De Montfort University had a huge impact on me, which inherently influenced my work.

Focusing on the students, I found a problematic approach to how the renovation pursued, causing a challenging working environment while the restoration was taking place. Although the benefits of a new facility would outweigh the difficulties caused in the meantime; one would still have to endure the complications on the journey, and this was something I wanted to capture in my work.

Using the destructive environment around me, I wanted to create a body of work influenced by this, and yet inspired a sense of calm.

I decided to focus on the various textures and forms from the landscape and use them to give structure to my work. I first experimented with combining materials, a process which has always been close to my heart, to impact on the glass, causing it to flow unpredictably around the metal forms.

Looking at the shapes produced, I gradually specialised further and further focusing on how the glass made me feel, did the interaction of material benefit from one another, and how was light refracted. Light is quite an important factor when working with glass due to its transparent properties, so studying shadows becomes natural.

I believe both collections are very successful in this way. Where the ‘Bolla’ collection induces feelings of tranquillity through ripples of light, the ‘Metallo’ collection promotes self–possession through balance.

This journey has allowed me to find myself as a designer, and I aim to use these lessons to inform other work, producing quality craftsmanship in every piece.”

If you would like to find out more about the work, please email Jordan Pickford-Gray and he will be happy to answer any questions.

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