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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you take Commissions?

We do, you can either take a look at our Bespoke page for a range of colours and finishes, or if you would like to talk about designs completely different to the collections offered, please email Jordan Pickford-Gray directly. Jordan undertakes commissions of all types of work and is very interested in working with clients to come up with new designs not realised before. Jordan has worked on lighting, awards and trophies, homeware and corporate gifts. Jordan is willing to:

How accurate are the dimensions?

Due to the fact all items are Hand-Made, some slight variation will occur, however we try our upmost to keep the tolerances very small. With our glassware, everything is free-blown without the use of moulds, so the dimensions will vary and are only an average, again however, there will only be slight differences, but this helps every piece to be completely unique.

Is the work signed in some way?

All the work we sell is signed by Jordan Pickford-Gray himself. A certificate of authenticity will also be sent out with every piece, assuring the client the work is an original JPG Creates.

How long does delivery take?

If the item is in stock, please allow up to one week for delivery, from date of purchase. If the item has to be Hand-Made to order, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery, from date of purchase.

How do I pay for my items?

There are a few ways to choose from when buying products from JPG Creates. The first option is that we send you a link directing you to our PayPal account where all you have to do is log in and confirm the amount. Other forms of payment include bank transfer, payment over the phone, or post a cheque made payable to Jordan Pickford-Gray.

Do you ship your work internationally?

Yes we do, we have customers all over the world.

What happens if the work arrives damaged?

This is a very rare occurrence, but we would be more than happy to replace the work free of charge.

Do you deal with trade?

Yes, we have worked with many galleries and interior designers both nationally and internationally.

Glass Specific Questions

Are the choice of colours limited to those on the website?

Not at all, we have access to over 300 different colours so we can more than likely find a match for you. Please email Jordan Pickford-Gray directly for a list of colours and more information.

What is glass blowing?

Glassblowing is an art form that dates back to the Roman era. The craft involves gathering a blob of molten glass (a lot like the texture of honey) on the end of a blow pipe (a hollow steel pipe), and shaping it either with a free-blowing method, or with moulds. Air is blown down the pipe, which causes an air bubble to form in the centre of the blob of molten glass, and the glass is then shaped into a variety of vessels and other shapes. A person who blows glass is called a glassblower, glassmith, or gaffer.